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    Repair Costs: Varies 0
    Holding Costs: 2% 0%
    Avg Days to Close: 110 7
    Number of Showings: 15 0
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    Submit your address by clicking here or call us directly at 702-960-4183. Please give us as much information as possible. Everyone’s situation is unique so the more we know, the more we’ll be able to help!

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    We will visit and make sure all the information we have on the home is accurate. This will take about 15-30 minutes.

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    Within 24 hours of receiving your information, we will send you a net cash offer. There are no gimmicks, obligations, or fees. You’re able to sign everything electronically or in person.

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    Once everything is verified you just need to pick your close date! Once you choose, we’ll close that day and get you the cash in your pocket! We also offer sellers the option to stay 30 days after the close date to help transition into their new home.

    About Us :

    The Diaz Family

    Meet Our Team :

    Our team is complete with Dino and Michelle Diaz. We live in the fabulous Las Vegas Valley where we got married October of 2016. We added an awesome dog to complete our little family November 2017. Overall, we are dedicated to helping our community and we love making a difference. Our dream has been to start a business that is focused on family and trust, not profitably. Some people say, “you can’t make money with honesty and compassion” but we don’t believe that’s true. We got started in 2015 and have since had the opportunity to save many people and build an honest company with great moral values.

    Our Mission :

    Our company is based off of treating our customers with integrity, respect, loyalty. Customer service is our highest held value. Dependable Real Estate Solutions is different then most companies because we put our clients needs above all else. People first, profit afterwards. I hold customer satisfaction so close to my heart because as a child my mother and I had no help
    or guidance with housing. We were evicted, taken advantage of, and treated unfairly with our housing. This sparked my interest in building a real estate company that actually helps families. In 2015 I drove from North Carolina to Nevada to start my company. I’m pleased to say that ever since then we have been able to help many families in many different situations. Our
    standard of customer service and support keeps us growing every day

    -Dino Diaz

    Our Reviews :

    My brother and I had been trying to sell some property for a while. We had been
    unsuccessful until I made contact with Dino Diaz. Dino worked very hard for us to get this deal done. We were very satisfied with his services. He was always responsive to our inquiries and concerns. I would recommend him to anyone, and would certainly use his services again should I need them.

    John Garcia, Bonita CA

    “If anyone is interested in selling vacant property “as is”, I would highly recommend
    DINO DIAZ, who is with Dependable Real Estate Solutions.
    From the time Mr. Diaz and my husband agreed upon a selling price and his company
    would also pay all costs; i.e., closing cost, insurance,
    property taxes, etc., associated with the sale, our vacant property was in escrow within
    10 to 14 days. If you live out of town and/or if one
    party isn’t readily available to sign documents, Mr. Diaz and/or his staff worked on our
    timeline. I believe our sale would have been finalized in
    7 to 10 days, but my husband is 100% disabled and was not here locally to sign
    If there were a rating scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being highly recommend and 1 not
    recommend, Mr. Diaz would get a 10. I would like to add
    he is a down to earth individual. I have been in the working world for a long time and I
    believe first impressions tells it all. My first time
    coming into contact with Dino, I knew we could work with him.”

    Roger & Linda HinsonLas Vegas NV

    I had the chance to work with Dino in 2015. I inherited 2 mobile homes from my
    uncle. The condition of the houses was terrible. The roof on one of them had completely
    fallen into the house and was spilling all over the kitchen. The windows were broken
    and the walls covered with holes. There were homeless people living and out of them.
    Being that I live in California My options were limited. I didn’t have the money to invest
    into the mobile homes and I definitely didn’t have the time. I was constantly stressed
    trying to figure out what to do with them and I was burdened by the headache of this
    inheritance Until, Dino. I saw one of his advertisements on my last day in Las Vegas. I
    had spent the weekend trying to sell the mobile homes and kept getting turned away
    because of the condition but, I figured what do I have to lose. That was the best
    decision I could have made. He made me a cash offer that day AS IS. I was in such
    disbelief I didn’t take him seriously because it was “TO GOOD TO BE TRUE”. Dino
    worked with me from Nevada to California and in a week, I had a mobile notary at my
    door in California. I signed and had the funds wired into my account that same day!
    Dino was great, he did the job I was sure no one could do! I would recommend him to

    Betty Abernathy,Simi Valley CA